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Obelisk Industrial unites a multi-faceted workforce and combines innovation, adaptability and a commitment to ensure the delivery of consistant and co-ordinated quality projects 

The Meaning Behind our Name

Although commonly known as a sacred Egyptian symbol and associated with the life cycle of the sun and the beginning of life, Obelisks were also seen as symbols of great victories and accomplishments.

Through its physical representation of a singular unit, an Obelisk represents the enormous power that hides behind the daily decisions made by everyone involved in a team. It also signifies the need for every person to dedicate their efforts to the advancement of a single goal – to ultimately leave behind an achievement that will continue to stand in both metaphorical and literal terms.

We at Obelisk Industrial embody this, and strive to achieve great things with a unified effort and shared vision – to ultimately leave our mark of power, strength and longevity.

Panoptic Steel solutions